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Align your life, live with a soul connection


Claire Macias is an energy healer and entrepreneur, leading deep soul and consciousness work to spark personal and planetary transformation.


She combines methods of profound and precise energy healing modalities to achieve transformations on all levels: body, heart and mind, while connecting the people she works with to their higher soul wisdom so that they can tap into their core strength and inner guidance.

She works with people to free themselves from their past so that they can live fully in the present and in the process discover their purpose in life.

This type of work:

Aligns our energy field

Increases – joy, self empowerment, vitality and wellbeing

Relieves – pain, weakness, alergies and fatigue

Releases – root cause of trauma and disease

Balances – physical & energy body

Connects – to our purpose & with source

Heals – body, mind and spirit

Builds - core strength and resilience as we and life shift
Harmonizes - EMF and environmental influences
Detaches - family patterns, programming and trauma
Working with the body-mind and its wisdom allows us to identify the stories we hold in our subconscious library and where they weaken our physical and energetic body, and release the disturbing elements from the memory of our cells.
Through changing our beliefs and making new choices, fear, grief and doubt are released opening the heart to presence, love and trust, so that a new life experience can be accessed with ease.

Claire is an advanced Life Alignment practitioner, Home Alignment practitioner, Business Alignment practitioner, Aura Soma practitioner and Life Coach.


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