Align with the purpose of your business so that you can communicate its messages & vibrate influence

Birthing a new age of business vibrational influence through personal and global elevation of consciousness.

“You are your business”, “your business is you” I’m sure you’ve heard these before.

Maybe you even deeply believe it!

But… let me suggest another option for you.

Your business is its own entity.

Just like you are a soul having a human experience, so does the business has its own “soul”, its mission and higher purpose which it’s here to serve.

This mission or purpose chose to create its impact through a business entity. What this means is that this mission or purpose is carried out through a structure which takes the form of products or services, which generate money and revenue.

I’ll get into it in more detail in just a bit.

To start with, allow me to emphasize that this business, mission, idea – CHOSE YOU, and YOU CHOSE IT.

That’s right, each of you is a unique being, and together you have a mutual agreement, or contract if you will.

This is an energetic contract you have both committed to.

This contract binds you together, and nominates your roles in carrying out the higher purpose and mission statement of this idea/business/project and making it take form in our dense material world.

Through this contract, you both are bind together to a process of growth, transformation and fulfillment while having access to the frequency of unconditional love throughout your mutual journey.

This contract is a deep commitment which allows all of the parties involved to grow through profound and transforming experiences and to fulfill your missions; “to be on the right path”; to find alignment.

This doesn’t mean that all experiences are or will be wonderful, easy or feel like glittery unicorns. what it does mean is that your soul chose this path and these experiences for your growth and expansion.

It also means that you have a choice at any given moment. we always have free choice and can exercise it. when it comes to energetic contracts, we can review our values and inner agreements and ask ourselves what do we choose moving ahead: do we choose to make certain changes?

do we agree to keep going? do we choose to walk away and pursue other ventures and opportunities?

In such a case, it’s highly recommended to recap your journey with the idea and possibility you were pursuing. What did you go through in this journey? what did it teach you? in what ways did it promote your growth? were you true to yourself in the process? when you think of this idea/project/business as its own entity – were you true to its essence? what would you have done differently? Why? what would you have done the same way? Why? what’s your part in how things went and progressed? what was outside your control? What did this teach you? what do you choose to do with what you’ve learned? how do you plan to exercise these lessons? what kind of person do you want to grow towards? how are these practices and decisions moving you closer to this version of yourself?

From an energetic and spiritual perspective, everything in this world is a co-creation. What this means is that we have influence and we play a part in how things evolve and turn out. With that said, we are only one part of this team. Countless things, elements and variables are outside of our reach and outside our control.

We are called to bring our A GAME, our traits, talents, dreams, aspirations, life experience, unique gifts and abilities while knowing what’s outside our control and learning to be in partnership, part of a team: both with the investors, followers, customers, suppliers, third parties and all sides which form part of the network, as well as in partnership with spirit and other forces which remain invisible and usually intangible – but they too make up part of this network.

In the process we learn our unique qualities and abilities, and we learn TRUST and to lead while including our heart in the equation. This is a crucial distinction in purpose and mission based businesses. There is a higher purpose and influence which is wanting to be birthed, and create a ripple effect which will go far beyond what we can truly comprehend.

This is the core purpose towards we work; it is greater bigger, more potent than our ego and personal will – and so the heart wisdom calls to be included together with our rational mind and business practices and models. This is the wisdom which allows us to remain on track, to add the layer of feeling in the body, to find new solutions when we seem to have reached a dead end, to expand the limitations created by our fears and concerns, to take a leap and a chance when that guiding voice inside whispers for MORE.

Just as important, including the heart wisdom to this equation ignites our inner fire and spark and allows us to keep going, to pick ourselves up, to remain committed in a way which is deeper than motivation. There will always be things which don’t work, there will always be setbacks and disappointments. The questions are: what do you do when you encounter them, and what impact will they have?

What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a short statement of why an organization exists, what its overall goal is; identifying the goal of its operations: what kind of product or service it provides, its primary customers or market, and its geographical region of operation.

Purpose-driven businesses have one impact in common: they set out to create a global impact through the products and services they offer.

They create impact for each person in the network which is in touch with the business. And also.. to generate money which has a different frequency to it than that it had in the past. The money generated through purpose-driven businesses has integrated in it the frequency of love, respect, honor and sustainability. This money is generated from a win-win-win-infinite win “sum game” (in the terms of Game Theory), rather than from a win-lose or “zero sum game”.

In the old paradigm, one’s profit was at the cost of someone or something else: another person, the environment, another company or so on; think of making money at the cost of slavery, or gaining wealth while making others sick.

The new consciousness of money is ingrained with a frequency of pure love, and it helps sustain and nourish all it touches: people, businesses, investors, bank accounts and so on.

Think of a HUGE domino effect of love and life sustaining energy through money.

In order to be able to “tune in” and connect with your business’ purpose, you need to be PRESENT.

What does this mean?

Being present refers to being able to BE where you are on all aspects of your being: physically in your body, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

To have all of your layers and energy bodies be tuned in and united in time and space – here and now.

On an energetic perspective, we have several bodies. The most common ones which are dressed are 4 bodies:

1. Spiritual

2. Mental

3. Emotional